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Description: Jeny Smith goes naked at sex party. Lil slim twerking in da club.

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Years: 22
What is my nationaly: Polish
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Eye tint: Big gray eyes
Languages: English, Thai
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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Thu 30th of August Report. Introduction: This my first attempt at writing a Streamy sex story that is fiction Well it fiction for now but some day it may become an true story. The Affair with Nena is my first attempt at writing an fictional sex story. So bear with me and give some feedback in comments below.

The People in this story are real and Nena Husband name has been changed. Just a fair warning my spelling and grammar skills suck. And this first chapter was wrote as a character building chapter with some sexual content.

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I weighed in oh around pounds. I have dark blue eyes and dirty blonde hair that is that I keep shaven majorly of time.

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I been married to my high school sweet heart Ashley for 13 years. When we first got married my wife and I were all over each other. But now day it seems like passion has ran dry. Every time I want get it on she either to tired or just not It mood and it starting drive me Insane. But that all going change and in hurry.

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Now there is woman name Nena who I met many years ago at camp when I was a teenager. We dated on and off during the summer while at camp. I really loved her, and wish we could been more. But only thing that stop us was the distances that we live from each other. Well Nena when on married this guy who runs a business in Hawaii and they been married for 15 years and has three kids by him.

It would seem to anyone she would be very happily married. But like my marriage it seem the passion in their marriage has also dry up.

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From what she had told me the only reason she stay with ass was because of. Which is honorable if you ask me. Nena and I chat on line all the time. And we talk all the time about the possibility of us hooking up. But once again the distances issue is still a factor and the fact both of us are married is another issue.

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But even after all these year those strong feelings we share are drawing us closer to the edge Well after chatting for many month about the possibility of us hooking up. We finally decided hell with it we were both were highly sexually frustrated and we both have made very clear we want each other.

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So we started to make plans to hook up. But for this to work a lot of things would have fall into place.

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Like one her husband is out of town working and my wife out of town. There an old navy saying loose lips sinks ships. No one could ever find out about this. We both were play a game of high risk and loss reward poker here.

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With a lot at stake for the both of us. Both our marriage would mostly surely end if our affair even came to Light. But even with all risk facts involved. Even if we had basically move heaven and earth to be together Like I said before if this was to work a lot moving parts had to perfect fall in place just at right time. So after many month of planning it seem like the perfect opportunity for us to hook up was at hand. It just happened that her husband Tod was leaving for week long business trip to Hawaii.

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And it just happen that her three children had a week long overnight stay church camp fell on same week. So there two pieces of puzzled fell into place. Boy those stars in the sky were really starting to line up in our favor. That same weekend my wife was going with her mother and stepfather to Kentucky for their yearly Smith family reunion.

Everything was falling into place and both of us were excited at possibly of finally the two of us becoming lovers. Something the two of us have been dreaming of since the first day we met at camp all those year ago. All I need for this work perfectly was to be off from work that weekend and Nena being will to drive down from Stanton to my house in Roanoke. We could spend the whole weekend together living out our Wildest Fantasies. I been working a lot of weekend at my job.

So I decided i Need break so I put in for that weekend to be off. Without tell Nena i did just in hopes i would get it. So Where you going with this Scott? I want you Nena!

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The only way this going to work is if you drive down here. I wish you had an car. I getting wet just thinking about it.!

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Trust me that pussy of your has been neglected far to long Nena. Your husband may have given you three children.

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But trust me you never been made love to by real man like myself. I want your freak flag flying because I going have my flying as well. Reading the message that Scott was sending me. My heart was racing a mile a minute just at the thought that my childhood fantasies were soon to become an reality.

Damn him all I could bring myself to say as I retched over to dresser where I store my favorite sex tools. Moments later I pull my favorite vibrating Stainless steel dildo out from the top drawer of honey pine color drawers. I gently laid old faith down on bed beside me as I undid my pants and fantasizing all long that it was Scott undoing my pants.

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Once I had my pant off I slide my hand down into my crutch damn the heat was that it was giving off at that moment was unreal. I got to my panties and my once light purple panties were now an dark purple in color. I laughed when he said did he need pick up an dip pan, but damn it if I had this reaction from him just typing sexual thing in message. I slide my now soaked panties off my body slowly because that how Scott was going do it.

He love to torture his woman. Knowing Scott the way I did he would draw out the progress of undress me as long as he could just torture me. I Imagined the warmth of his touch as ran his fingers down my bare flesh as slowly made his way down my body. I knew for fact once he had me fully undressed he would be want spend hours just exploring by body not mentioning he had told me many time over if Roanoke would allow him he would spend hours just eating me out.

God i so want his dick inside me at that sex moment that it was driving up me the wall. I knew free need to do but I just really wish it was him doing it to me I throw up my thighs and turn on old faithful and gently side it into my stories and I let out massive moan as I imagine old faith was Scott dick slipping between my Inflamed lips.

That feel so good. God I want that so badly. Now he so focused on work. What the hell I am doing allowing limp dick ruin this moment. Here I was imagining Scott basically fucking my brain out and limp dick slide in. I felt the muscles in my pussy start to contact and tighten around old faithful and I knew by this time the pressure would be building in his dick. I swear could felt his dick beginning to convulse rapidity I knew it would only be matter of time before his seed would erupted deep into my fertile womb.

Just then the wave of my own Orgasm ripples throw my body and I let a Thunderous moan has it hit.

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I imagine at that same moment Scott would have been pumping my very fertile womb full of his scorching hot seed. I know I told him my desire have another baby. Coming down from cloud nine from my thunderous orgasm the question of did I want to have his baby slapped me hard across the face. I need to think as I replaced old faithful back in dressers by my bed. After change clothes I return to my bed and sat down on it i place my head in my hands and thought long and hard about having his baby.

I been wanting that since the first time I laid eyes on him those many years ago. But if I did how would in make Tod think it was his. How would I get him to fuck me. Damn it Nena thought to myself he willing risk it all to just be with you. Are you willing take the same risk and grant him one thing he want in the most this whole world to be a father.

I would have seduce my husband like never before to make cover just in case I did end up pregnant by Scott.